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Whatever stage you are at in your healing journey, Transpirational Coaching can help unlock the next stage of your growth so you can feel more whole, more fulfilled, and more connected with likeminded and likehearted souls. Unleash your full potential and help to bring Heaven to Earth.


My Story and Philosophy

As someone who has survived and integrated numerous spiritual and health crises while maintaining a full-time professional career, I'm delighted to offer my expertise of finding inner peace and outer fulfilment to others.


In 2005, while studying Geography with Philosophy at Oxford University, I had my first spiritual crisis, which was triggered by the unnecessary prescription of an antidepressant. I didn't know anyone who I deemed qualified to help me integrate my experience, so I buried the trauma and threw myself back into "normal life", finishing my degree and using exercise as a way to stay grounded. However, more emotional, spiritual and mental work was needed, so subsequent crises forced me to face my deepest demons until they were resolved. 

Alongside my private turmoil, my public mask opened the door to plenty of life-affirming opportunities. I worked for the best part of 15 years as an Executive Assistant alongside leadership teams in IT, education, consumer goods and financial services. Additionally, with a need to indulge my need for adventure and connection with a diverse range of people, I punctuated my corporate career by working in hospitality and club promotions in Europe, and travelling in Asia.


To me, being healed means accepting the self unconditionally, and through doing so, embodying an ego that takes full ownership of our past, our shadows, our gifts and our strengths. Then we can serve the world with our fully-embodied gifts.

I have 10 years' experience with coaching, since beginning study with The Coaching Academy in 2012, and then intuitive coaching with Supergenius from 2016-2019. I was drawn to coaching as a solution for my inner conflict because it recognises the impact of our programmed values and beliefs in our attitudes and choices, and also gives us tools to move past unconscious programs that sabotage our happiness and success. Unlike "pure" life coaches who shy away from handling emotional trauma, my capacity to "hold space" with those who are able to take full responsibility for themselves means I can also integrate therapeutic approaches into my practice. 


All my clients understand that they take full responsibility for their own actions, and while I can guide and support, only they are responsible for their own choices. It's fair to compare my approach to gymnastics coaching because it involves calculated risk, accurate awareness of strength and limitations, and strong self-discipline to progress. 

Services Tailored to YOUR Needs

Therapy Office


Many people who experience a health or spiritual crisis find that they need informed and unbiased support to feel whole and balanced again.


With lived experience of using a variety of tools such as pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical chemicals, breathwork, meditation, art, dance, and space-holding to recover from spiritual crisis and chronic illness, The Transpirational Coach can help you find the balance you need to move on with your life confidently.

If you're ready to release the past and take full responsibility for all your actions, this coaching programme could be just what you are looking for,

Arrange a consultation with me for more information.

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Do you have a grand vision for something you want to create to be of service to the collective? Do you want and need support from someone with over 15 years' experience working with the leadership of large organizations, who is just as open-minded and big-thinking as you? If so, the sky is the limit.

Through Grand Visions Coaching, you will be questioned and held accountable on all aspects of your vision, from ideas to boundaries, choosing the right people to support you, using the right vehicle, and delivering your project or organization in a way that creates harmony for you and the people you serve.

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Is your Inner Critic running your life and constantly telling you you're not good enough, or not worthy of love, success, respect or fulfilment?

Join my 1-1 coaching programme and learn tools to disconnect from a conflicted mind, so you can get to know your inner critic and practice strategies for reducing its influence in your life. Includes theory and practice of:

  • The Power of Now 

  • Buddhist Meditation

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Heart Coherence Practices

to maintain a calm and compassionate inner space. Delight in excelling in your field, while also really relaxing and enjoying your successes.​

Beach Party


Are you intelligent, driven and talented, but struggle to find peace in your interpersonal relationships?

Do you have difficulty identifying and communicating your needs?

Do you struggle to manage your emotions, or do you attract people who struggle to manage their emotions?

The Transpirational Coach has 10 years' experience of learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication, and this Coaching Programme will help you develop diplomacy, empathy, intimacy and more, with the potential to transform both your professional and personal lives.

Success Stories

Image by vahid kanani

"I warmly recommend Emily to you. She is an immensely compassionate person with an extremely acute intellect. She is gentle and searching. I have long been interested in having regular counselling sessions but have not yet found anyone who is not shackled by some bureaucratic procedures, rules and limitations."


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