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What would your life feel like if you felt joyful, self-assured, and radiating a sense of inner peace every day?

Yes, it's actually possible. Even though our lives seem to demand we live in a state of constant stress and anxiety, every one of us has the opportunity in each moment to make courageous, win-win, self-honouring choices that serve ourselves, our families, our communities, humanity, and the planet.


If you are a professional or university graduate of any age whose quality of life is being eroded by one or more of these issues:

  • stress

  • conflict in your personal relationships

  • toxic work culture

  • depression, anxiety, or other mental conflict

  • overthinking

  • overachieving

Find out how to create Peace and Fulfilment through Relationship

Two options for your first step:

Success Stories

Image by vahid kanani

"I warmly recommend Emily to you. She is an immensely compassionate person with an extremely acute intellect. She is gentle and searching. I have long been interested in having regular counselling sessions but have not yet found anyone who is not shackled by some bureaucratic procedures, rules and limitations."


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