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Grow into the most confident  and self-assured version of yourself, so you can enjoy your life

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What would your life feel like if you felt confident and unjudged every day?

Fulfilment and Peace of Mind begin with being open to receive.

Show you are open to receive your most self-love-filled future by claiming your free, no obligation coaching call to help you forget overthinking and feel safe in your body.


Emily Burfoot graduated from Oxford University in 2006, and worked in office administration from 2007-2021. While working in office admin, she never felt good enough, and had mental health issues that needed medication. She always dreamed of a more lasting way to create good mental health, so in 2011 she began exploring psychology, meditation, quantum physics, spirituality, coaching, yoga and breathwork in order to learn how to find inner peace naturally. Her unique healing modality: Transpirational Coaching, combines all her expertise from 12 years’ independent study of philosophy, human science and healing arts. In 2019 she successfully withdrew from her medication, and in 2020 she launched Transpirational Ltd to professionally support others with her powerful approach. She has received extensive positive feedback from her past and current clients.

Success Stories

Image by vahid kanani

"I warmly recommend Emily to you. She is an immensely compassionate person with an extremely acute intellect. She is gentle and searching. I have long been interested in having regular counselling sessions but have not yet found anyone who is not shackled by some bureaucratic procedures, rules and limitations."


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