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  • Emily Burfoot

Are you in on this global identity crisis?

Something unbelievable has happened to my mum over the last few months which, several years ago, I wrote off the possibility of ever happening. Are you curious to hear what it is?

She has learned how to listen to new information!!!

My mother began training as an NHS nurse in the early 1980s, shortly before I was born. She has worked in several different hospital departments since then, including care of the elderly, dermatology, and most recently, rheumatology, where she ran clinics and supported patients with their care via the Advice Line. There is even a picture of her on the wall in Tunbridge Wells Hospital, alongside a client testimonial about the quality of care in her department while she was there. (She is in the middle).

She has not had an easy time with her health in recent years: first cancer, then heart trouble. At the time of her cancer diagnosis, I attempted to introduce her to the work of Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani and Lynne McTaggart, in the hope that she would see how shifting her perception and connecting to her own inner source of power could enable her healing process. She was deeply unreceptive, dismissive even, so I retreated believing my knowledge and wisdom was totally unwanted. I also shut down the voice of my truth, and abandoned a lot of my self-belief.

Fast forward six years to 2023, and my mother has both overcome the cancer (without chemo), and stopped the heart medication which she took for over 3 years. She is feeling better than ever (“like I did 20 years ago.”)

This lived experience has led her to question both the beliefs of her 1960s/70s education, and the narrative of today’s mainstream media. For example, the side effects of the statins she was taking were chronic muscle pain, which impacted her ability to be active. So, following the recommendation of one of her PATIENTS, she started to taper her medication and support her needs using dietary supplements instead. If you are a disciple of modern medicine, you may find it hard to believe that now she is OFF all her medication, her blood pressure is lower than it was on the blood pressure control drugs! (Apparently Hawthorn Tea is the main remedy.) She has also gone through several successful parasite cleanses. For me, having been in the alternative medicine camp for many years, of course this is no surprise, but for her, this is mind-blowing.

Additionally, she started hearing consistent reports in her nursing practice about medical conditions such as rheumatoid disease and cancer worsening immediately following a C-jab. She learned from from European Parliament meetings, broadcast via TikTok, about how the C-jab didn’t meet the definition of a vaccine (it didn’t reduce spread of the virus, OR risk of infection on contact). She asked her bosses if she could share this information about false labelling and potential harm, with her patients, and she was told “no”. So in June, she decided to retire earlier than planned to maintain her sense of personal integrity.

Since then, she has both been reaping the health benefits, and feeling the joy of living life with a genuinely open mind. She has also deepened her ability to listen, instead of remain staunchly attached to her preconceived ideas and beliefs. She talks far more often about the “cosmic consciousness” and has started to engage me on discussions of philosophy and metaphysics – topics she would previously have shut down harshly.

Now I know that my mother is not the only person going through an identity crisis and awakening right now. Doctors and other staff are leaving the NHS in droves because they are unable to have any integrity in their practice during the current political climate.

Additionally, thousands of patients who have been harmed by medical policy during recent years have opened their eyes to the corruption that is now endemic throughout the government, academic, and medical systems which they have entrusted with their lives. How, they are asking themselves, could they have placed so much of their trust in such unworthy systems? And if we accept that SOME of what we have been told is not true or incomplete, what else do we not have the full story on? It’s a confusing time.

While I was at Oxford, I read The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn as part of my geography degree, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is keen to understand the times we are moving through now. Kuhn talks about the social dynamics involved in a paradigm shift (an overhaul of core beliefs that govern human behaviour and understanding). The main example of a paradigm shift used in Kuhn’s work is the Copernican Revolution, in which it was proposed, just under 500 years ago, that the Sun, not the Earth, was the centre of the solar system. And we are having another paradigm shift right now, about health and medicine.

Kuhn’s central premise is that when there is a paradigm shift, there are certain laws that apply:

  1. The first individuals to challenge the old paradigm and propose the new one are considered heretics and are shunned from society or killed (I would say the media attack on Russell Brand is an example of this, whether or not the allegations are true).

  2. Secondly, the new paradigm begins to take hold amongst early adopters, but these people remain on the fringes of society.

  3. The new paradigm does not fully gain credibility and acceptance until a tipping point is reached (think Malcolm Gladwell), and those with high social status (e.g. the BBC, The Times, the Daily Mail, the NHS, mainstream academic journals) begin to talk in terms of the new paradigm. Then all those who look to those with high status as their primary source of information begin to cotton on to the bigger picture housed by the new paradigm.

I am not sure how long it will take us to get to Stage 3 in this 21st Century Scientific Revolution. There is a great deal of personal confusion and re-orientation that needs to happen within millions, or even billions, of free-willed individuals. However, I have known since my own awakening in 2005, that my journey and life’s mission is to help guide others through this difficult and confusing time by helping with BOTH orientation AND understanding.

I have begun to distil everything someone needs to know to navigate this challenging transition into a 12-part online course called Peace and Fulfilment Through Relationships. It covers re-orienting our relationship to self, the body, the mind, the world, sexual energy, other people, relationship dynamics, money and time, with the focus on using our inner authority (new paradigm) instead of looking for authority outside us (old paradigm). It includes reflection tools and journalling prompts, and twelve video lessons for you to follow at your own pace. Not only will you learn tools to minimise inner and outer conflict during this difficult transition (such as Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication), but you will also hear an integrated perspective on how this new understanding affects what matters most to us: our physical and mental health, as well as accessing the recommended reading list of key ideas that have helped me to integrate the my old worldview with the new. If you want to access this course (two modules are online, with the rest to follow during the end of 2023), you can receive a 40% discount by following this link and using the code ADVANCE, bringing the overall price to £49 for lifetime access.

If you have begun to question, or you have full-on left the old paradigm, (or the work ethic of the old paradigm has left you feeling burnt out and disconnected), then you may benefit from this course, which includes everything you need to know about new paradigm health, and practical advice about how to apply it to your own unique situation.

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