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  • Emily Burfoot

Why Health Coaching is More Powerful Than Western Medicine

Why is holistic coaching and medicine more powerful than western medicine?

Let’s imagine that you have a large pan of water on a gas stove. This pan of water represents the human body.

Now let’s say that:

· The pan is healthy on a moderate heat, with some convection currents, but few bubbles.

· The pan is sick when there are lots of bubbles in the water, i.e. it is boiling.

Because Western Medicine only looks at the surface level (material and chemical) of the body (pan), it tries to correct the imbalance of bubbles at the surface by assuming the source of the bubbles cannot be addressed, so its best bet is to prevent the bubbles from reaching the surface. It might do this, for example, by putting ice in the pan. This intervention might have some impact on the bubbles at the surface, but it does not solve the root cause of the problem. This is what happens when you try to treat illness with drugs.

The only way to remove the imbalance caused by too many bubbles, is to look below the surface of the water in the pan at the overall pattern of water movement. This is the holistic approach. By taking this perspective, it is possible to understand that the source of the bubbles (sickness) is too much convection, and therefore the best solution to reduce the bubbles is to turn down the heat source.

This is why holistic coaching and medicine creates much longer-lasting results than drug-based “medicine”. In holistic medicine, those seeking treatment become active participants in their own healing, instead of objects who are victims of their genetics and illnesses.

Success is determined mostly by their level of commitment to making the changes to their patterns of thought and behaviour within themselves.

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