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  • Emily Burfoot

Overworked? Stressed? Get in tune with the 8 Rays of Healthy Relationships

If your work colleagues, or your work in general, always seems to be demanding more and more of you and you feel unable to:

  • Say no

  • Have time you need for core human activities into your week (eating, sleeping 8 hours a night)

  • Have time for yourself to reflect and unwind

  • Have the patience to create peace in your personal relationships

  • Prevent your life from feeling like a war zone, in which you never feel as though you can get your head above water,

...then over time, either your physical or your mental health is going to deteriorate. What form the illness takes is down to a lot of factors, and if you have children, they often love you enough to manifest the illness on your behalf so that you don't have to feel it.

However, there is a solution, and that begins with being honest with yourself, and taking ownership of both the issue, and your own limits. This is why I created my Eight Rays program to support professional adults with their transformations into Peace, Balance and Fulfilment.

Let me share with you why I created this program.

In 2005, aged 20, while I was studying at Oxford University, I had a deeply traumatizing near death experience and I didn’t have anyone in my life who could hold space for what I needed to integrate and accept as a result. So I made it my life’s mission to personally research, implement and teach the healing tools I needed to feel whole again. I’ve been teaching and supporting others with my deep empathy for 6 years, and I started my business to enable me to serve others full time 3 years ago.

What I’ve found is that it’s tough to break our attachments to old trauma-based patterns. So we all need support from people who will help to hold us accountable to our intention for change when the going gets tough.

If you are able to take in new information and are willing to be held accountable to making difficult changes to your thought and behaviour patterns, this approach could be more effective than therapy for creating change in your life. This is because therapy does not integrate the self-accountability part. When you’re not being held accountable, the therapy can be used like a drug, which numbs the pain of your trauma-based patterns while you continue to energize them.

All of this is what has fed into my four-month coaching program, and you get:

  • The intellectual understanding of how to shift – so your mind can get on board

  • Embed the 4 As framework for change: Audit, Accept, Augment, Accountability

  • Lifetime access to the 12 recordings that form the backbone of the curriculum – the 8 rays of healthy relationships

  • Lifetime access to meditations that will help you practice mastery of your body and space

  • 12 1:1 coaching sessions (phone or Zoom) to allow space for you to be heard, and have personalized support. You will receive all the session recordings.

  • Support with designing your path of change through taking practical steps (I can’t heal you, but I can keep opening the door for you to heal yourself)

  • Accountability for taking the practical steps, and empathy if they didn’t go as planned

If this touches you, feel free to drop me a line via my contact page

You can also access the core curriculum in your own time via my online course

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